The philosophy of Calgary Naturopath Medicine is at the heart of all we do. In essence, it is our mission statement based on our education and rooted in the principles of naturopathic medicine. This explains why we do what we do and what we do to get your health where you want it to be.
Our philosophy is focused on restoring health to the body as opposed to taking away disease because we believe that the body has the power and wisdom to heal itself.
Patients come to see us because they have symptoms or conditions that are negatively affecting their daily life; for example, fatigue, poor sleep, weight gain, menstrual disorders, musculoskeletal pain, and mood changes. These symptoms are not a “disease” but they are often signs that the body is out of balance and unable to cope with the stressors of everyday life. Sometimes they are warning signs that the body is heading in the wrong direction.
Think of symptoms like the check engine light in your vehicle. They serve as an indication that something is wrong with our engine; although, we often choose to ignore the warning signs. We could take the light bulb out of the warning light or place a piece of black tape over it to make it go away but before long we will still have to take it in to the shop for repairs. Ignoring the warning signs may lead to significant repairs and expenses. Or worse, we end up broken down on the side of the highway in distress. Likewise, the body provides us with warning signs that manifest as symptoms. Choosing to intervene, and addressing the cause, will help prevent significant health challenges or disease in the future.
Our approach is focused on finding the cause or the reason why a person has a disease or symptom. We don’t treat “symptoms” but rather we treat people. Our goal is not to give you a supplement to make the symptom disappear but rather take the time to address why the symptom is there. And, if we treat the “why” instead of the “what” then health can be restored to the body; and thus, symptoms improve.
There are many reasons that symptoms manifest in the body. Symptoms occur because the body is out of balance and can’t restore itself to a state of health on it’s own. The body is designed to heal itself and when it is unable to do so we develop disease. We are experts in understanding how the body is supposed to work optimally and how to recognize the signs of a body out of balance. Our goal is to give the body what it needs to heal on it’s own. Sometimes restoring health is as simple as fixing a nutrient deficiency; other times, it is far more complicated and requires months (and sometimes years) to investigate what the cause of these disorders may be.
The beauty in this approach to health is that people not only feel better but they ultimately get better. We love what we do because we are able to guide people to better health. When people are healthier their quality of life can improve significantly in all areas of their life including their social, relational, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
We believe that no matter where you are on your health journey there is always room for improvement. Life is not stagnant. We don’t stay in the same place at every moment of time. Daily, we make decisions to move our bodies toward health or make decisions that will ultimately lead our body toward disease.
We can help you discover the best choices for your life that will ultimately bring freedom through better health.